Bloomfield Baked Beans


1 lb.  (2 cups) dried beans (pinto, kidney, navy or pea beans)

1 medium onion

½ cup molasses (blackstrap is the best)

¼ cup brown sugar, firmly packed

1 tsp. salt

¼ lb. lean salt pork, diced

1. Rinse beans, place in a large bowl and add water to cover and soak overnight

2. Drain beans and combine with onion in a large saucepan; add water to cover

3. Heat to boiling then cover and simmer 45 minutes or until skins of beans burst when you blow on several in a spoon

4. Drain liquid into a small bowl and combine 1 cup of the liquid with molasses, mustard, brown sugar and salt

5. Layer half the salt pork and all of the beans in an 8 cup bean pot (Pottery31 bean pot is perfect!) pour molasses mixture over the top and cover with remaining salt pork

6. Cover and bake at 300°F/150°C (either in the oven, or using indirect heat on your barbecue) for 2 hours

7. Remove the lid, add more liquid if the beans appear to be dry and bake for another two hours

8. Remove from the oven and enjoy as a side dish or as a main course with crusty bread